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Jobs for the middle and prime-aged

KLF provides customized working stage-specific comprehensive service to middle and prime-aged people including life career planning for those in employment, job transfer school program for to-be retirees, the re-leap program for those who seek to be re-employed with 12 centers operating across the nation.

Projects for support

Life planning program working as a compass for the middle
and prime-aged(Workers in employment)
To provide the middle and prime-aged workers in employment aged 45 or over with an opportunity to discover their career assets and establish a career plan for the future by means of career review and support their career management and skills development activities after retirement.
Program of school for job transfer(To-be retirees)
To support an educational program tailored to the enterprise so that workers who are to retire soon can plan and prepare their future path after retirement like employment, business start-up, etc.
Re-leap program(Retired workers)
To support those who retired via education in accordance to their career targets for the 2nd life planning such as re-employment, business start-up, return to farming and village, retirement planning, etc. so that they can secure motivation and confidence and consequently open the 2nd chapter of their life as soon as possible.
Projects to support employment after internship program
for the middle and prime-aged(Subsidy for the business)
To support subsidy to an SME which promotes employment of the middle and prime-aged and maintains it after hiring a middle and prime-aged under unemployment as an intern for three months and converting him to a regular worker.
Support for making a middle and prime-aged people-friendly
workplace(Subsidy for the business)
To support autonomous revamp of HR management systems by the business so that the system of retirement at age of 60 can lead to practical employment stability for middle and prime-aged workers and improvement in business competitiveness.
Employment academy for the middle and prime-aged
(Financial support for training institutions)
To support early re-employment after retirement of those who are aged 45 and over and looking for a job being unemployed and those who are to retire soon through specialized courses for vocational training suiting the needs of the business.

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