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Message from Secretary General and CEO

Creating People Centered Happy Workplaces, Our Mission in the
Korea Labor and Employment Service

We sincerely welcome you to visit the Korea Labor and Employment Service (KLES), a trusted organization specializing in employment
and labor geared toward a lively workplace and happy labor-management relations.

Korean society has recently been faced with a number of internal and external challenges such as fierce international competition,
low growth, polarization, low fertility, and an aging population. In order to take these challenges as opportunities and achieve sustainable
development, labor-management dialog and active cooperation in pursuit of multi-layered social dialog is essential.

The KLES is a public institution related to the Ministry of Employment and Labor, whose establishment was led by labor
and management organizations, following the tripartite consensus to call for an urgent strengthening of the active and independent role of labor and management in order to achieve sustainable economic growth and social integration.

The KLES provides a variety of services such as professional consultation, financial support, diagnosis, and training for individual
workplaces, regions, and industries, all with the goal of building a strong partnership between labor and management
and creating competitive workplaces where both labor and management are happy.

The KLES strives to be a trustworthy employment and labor organization.
We promise to create a lively working environment and happy
labor-management relations. We ask for your active participation and
persistent support in this endeavor. Thank you.

Thank you for your support.

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