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International Labor Exchange and Cooperation

KLF promotes cooperation between Korea and international society activating international cooperation in the field of labor and supporting development of labor-management relations at Korean companies investing abroad and foreign investment companies based in Korea.

Projects for support

Support for development cooperation
To support labor-management co-existence, strengthening of government capacity and policy consultation for market development of developing countries as awareness for necessity of labor-management co-existence in developing countries expands with the ratio of agriculture decreasing and that of manufacturing increasing due to economic development and industrialization.
Employment & labor information exchange
To share information on employment & labor policies and markets gathered from international organizations and via various domestic and foreign networks and provide information on employment & labor markets by holding international seminars and policy-explanatory meetings and publishing informative magazines.
Employment education for foreign workers
To support employment education, grievance counselling and interpretation service for foreign workers from Vietnam, Mongolia and Thailand who entered Korea with an employment permit(E-9) so as to support their earlier adaptation to Korean working life and efficient employment management of enterprises employing foreign workers.

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