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Making of a better job

KLF pursues productivity improvement of the business and betterment of quality in working life and supports movement to working happiness and a better job by means of supporting various activities for working system improvement such as consulting, education, coaching, development and dissemination of job models, etc. for workplace innovation of the enterprise and improvement in employment-related discrimination.

Projects for support

Workplace innovation consulting
To create workplaces with high performance and improve autonomous capacity of the business by supporting consulting for installation of a rational HR system based upon labor-management cooperation and improvement of working systems and working culture.
Education for workplace innovation
To support free education which is jointly carried out by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and KLF and tailored to target audiences including CEOs, HR managers, labor representatives of the enterprise for their capacity building as a leader of workplace innovation within their workplaces.
Innovation coaching for SME CEOs
To raise awareness for workplace innovation and lay down a foundation for autonomous workplace innovation by implementing innovative coaching prepared for CEOs and executives of the business.
Flexitime partnership program
To improve understanding on the flexitime job and expand adoption and operation of flexitime jobs by implementing flexitime job education for labor and management representatives from the enterprise, HR managers, workers, etc.
Cooperative projects for the group of employers adopting flexitime
To contribute to expansion of culture of work-life balance by carrying out projects such as awareness improvement on various working methods including convertible flexitime job, flexible work system, etc., guide on supportive systems, education and publicity, discovery and dissemination of enterprises practising best practices, etc.
Workplace innovation index·research
To diagnose and utilize the level of Korean workplace innovation by actively modifying and complementing workplace innovation index of the previous year to use it for tailored workplace innovation consulting of the enterprise and surveying broad-scale workplace innovation index under the classifications of business size, occupation and presence of a labor union.
Conference on workplace innovation
To disseminate and expand necessity and practicing methods of workplace innovation by sharing information on recent domestic and foreign trends and researches on workplace innovation, best practices of workplace innovation consulting, etc.
Projects to support active employment improvement measures
To request and support the business to assess the level of their utilization of female workforce and arrange improvement measures for successful settlement of active employment improvement measures introduced to improve women’s employment and root out existing indirect discrimination.
Support group for workplaces without discrimination
To amend and prevent irrational discrimination against employment by performing a diagnose on workplaces in relation to prevention and amendment of employment discrimination against irregular workers and providing support for discrimination rectification, education for discrimination prevention and counseling service.

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